Working with SDSI

SDSI actively seeks to partner with relevant groups at other universities, with large and small companies, and with government entities to form collaborative teams that can address problems that none of these alone can tackle.

ASU’s “Security & Defense Systems Initiative” (SDSI) is based on a strong partnership model that brings together complementary elements from academia, industry, and government to provide innovative solutions to some of the greatest challenges in the security and defense area.

The following three key factors make it particularly easy to work with SDSI:

  • Quick response capability: We maintain an established network of researchers, companies, and other entities within our research thrust areas that allows us to rapidly assemble superior research teams with the ability to address opportunities demanding quick response and balance among a wide range of capabilities.
  • ASU Research Enterprise (ASURE): Our off-campus component with its higher-TRL applied research and advanced technology development mission, together with its classified research capability, provides an application-oriented environment in which government and industry can more easily access the breadth of technical expertise in the largest single university in the U.S.
  • Innovative IP management: We make it even easier for industry to work with us by offering an innovative set of intellectual property management practices to address IP associated with these collaborations, including options that allow full retention of all associated IP by our industry partners.

Together these attributes allow SDSI to overcome the limitations of most traditional academic research environments, and they enable us to remain a reliable research partner even as the science and technology solutions we are involved in advance through technology readiness levels beyond those that universities normally can engage in, rebalancing our own role and that of our partners along the way.