Resilient Cyber Systems

Cyber threats to personal, commercial, military, and government systems have grown to become one of today’s greatest security and defense concerns.

These threats affect not only traditional network security. They extend to the entire range of network-enabled systems, hardware, data, and applications, and even to the supply chain behind these. The rapid emergence of cloud-based services has created even further security concerns. Additional areas of emphasis include cyber situational awareness, cyber forensics, autonomous cyber response capabilities, and the full spectrum of capabilities that enable effective cyber deterrence.

Today, cyber security challenges are so great that the traditional focus on cyber defense has been broadened to put greater emphasis on achieving inherent resilience in cyber systems. The goal is to maintain functioning operational capability even when potential adversaries have gained entry to cyber systems and are operating within them. Information assurance is an important piece of this, and ASU’s Information Assurance Center has been formally certified by the NSA as a Center of Excellence in both information assurance research and education. Across ASU, numerous faculty researchers have direct expertise in technical areas needed to develop such inherently resilient cyber systems. This allows ASU’s Security & Defense Systems Initiative to rapidly form research and development teams with its partners in industry and government to provide innovative solutions to some of the greatest cyber security challenges being faced today.

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