Flexible Electronics and Systems

As embedded electronic systems become increasingly ubiquitous in a wide range of security and defense systems, the need for conformable and deformable electronics is growing rapidly.

Today, materials and fabrication technologies to enable production of such flexible electronics are still in relative infancy. Challenges range from semiconductor device physics and computational electronics to surface and interface phenomena and device characterization.

Research in this thrust area builds on the Flexible Display Center at ASU, a $100M partnership established at ASU in 2004 by the U.S. Army, and involving university, industry, and government collaborators working to create a new generation of flexible, lightweight, low-power, rugged displays. This world-class facility with 250,000 sq.-ft. capacity includes 43,500 sq.-ft. of advanced clean room space for process tool development and manufacturing process optimization. As a result, ASU faculty researchers have extensive expertise in a wide range of foundational technical areas needed to enable a new era of flexible electronic systems. ASU’s Security & Defense Systems Initiative, together with research and development partners in industry and government, can assemble research teams having the capabilities needed to make the key advances that together will enable flexible electronics and systems.

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