Center for Environmental Security

The Center for Environmental Security is a joint effort involving ASU's Security & Defense Systems Initiative and the Biodesign Institute to protect humans and ecosystems from harmful chemical and biological agents.

The Center for Environmental Security is working to protect human health and critical ecosystems by detecting, minimizing and ultimately eliminating harmful chemical and biological agents through early detection and engineering interventions.  It sits at the link between biosecurity, human health, and the environment to meet critical real-world needs for protecting public safety. The center consists of more than 30 scientists, students, research technicians, postdoctoral researchers and staff, and is led by center director Rolf Halden. Together, they are harnessing human exposure assessment technologies and intervention strategies to characterize environmental threats and reduce the human and financial costs associated with biosecurity.

The center is housed in state-of-the-art laboratories and offices in the Security & Defense Systems Initiative facilities in ISTB4 and in the Biodesign Institute.  Major efforts currently being addressed include environmental monitoring, innovative environmental diagnostics and management strategies, environmental epidemiology, public health preparedness, and other areas that are central to public health dimensions of biosecurity.  The Center for Environmental Security was established with funding from the Piper Charitable Trust’s Health Solutions, ASU’s Security and Defense Systems Initiative (SDSI), the Fulton Schools of Engineering, and ASU’s Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development.