Autonomous Systems and Processes

Appropriate uses of autonomous systems and processes can provide enormous increases in security and defense capabilities, and if implemented correctly can achieve these benefits while enabling improved manpower efficiencies and associated cost reductions.

This includes not only increasingly autonomous systems such as unmanned or remote-piloted vehicles being used in national defense and homeland security roles, but also a wide range of semi-autonomous decision support systems that allow massive amounts of information to be better matched to human decision abilities. However, achieving these gains will require new methods for establishing “certifiable trust” in such increasingly autonomous systems and processes. As they become increasingly adaptable to their operating environment, these effectively become near-infinite state systems that completely overwhelm current methods to verify and validate their underlying control software.

The faculty at ASU has direct expertise spanning a range of technical areas needed to advance the development of such trusted highly adaptable autonomous systems. This enables ASU’s Security & Defense Systems Initiative to rapidly constitute exceptionally capable teams, together with our research and development partners in industry and government, to address key issues necessary to achieve the capability increases, manpower efficiencies, and cost reductions that such flexibly autonomous systems and processes offer.

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