Advanced RF, Sensing, and Signal Processing

A new generation of advanced RF spectrum technologies is becoming increasingly important for future security and defense systems.

Worldwide proliferation of many advanced electronic systems has the potential to offset critical capabilities, including many types of radar that are essential for certain missions. At the same time, RF spectrum that has historically been available for security and defense use is being increasingly lost to the rapid expansion of commercial wireless services. Dynamic spectrum access and other emerging technologies can provide improved resilience to jamming and other forms of electronic attack, and provide needed flexibility as available RF spectrum continues to decrease worldwide. There is a broad need for new technologies that can enable greater spectral mutability to increase waveform diversity.

A further key need is for technologies that can increase resilience to RF spoofing and resistance to signal injection. ASU’s faculty researchers have expertise in numerous areas that are essential for developing advanced RF technologies and systems. ASU’s Security & Defense Systems Initiative can thereby to constitute exceptionally capable teams, together with our research and development partners in industry and government, to assist in conceiving and developing the next generation of RF technologies to overcome the challenges being faced in this essential area.

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