Advanced Materials and Material Processing

Many security and defense systems depend critically on materials that provide advanced structural, electrical, thermal, optical and other properties to enable their capabilities.

Today, material science is at the beginning of a substantial transformation, in which the traditional study of individual materials and their properties is being replaced by a far more integrated approach that will enable the advent of “advanced materials by design”. This is based on understanding fundamental properties of materials across scales ranging from the atomistic level to the grain level and to the continuum level, and connecting these between scales and among classes of materials using methods drawn from informatics.

Through a combination of advanced experimental diagnostics and simulation codes applied across these scales, this will lead to multi-scale modeling and simulation tools that can share information across scales, as well as data standards and query tools that enable an integrated understanding among material classes and scales. ASU has an extensive set of faculty researchers with direct expertise in all these areas. As a result ASU’s Security & Defense Systems Initiative, with partners in industry and government, can assemble exceptionally capable research and development teams that are able to help bring this transformational vision for advanced materials to reality.

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