Resilient Cyber Systems

  • Prof. Stephen Yau

    Cyber security; information assurance; trustworthy computing; security in service-based systems; collaborative and secure data sharing; development of adaptive software; situational awareness.

  • Prof. Gail-Joon Ahn

    Digital identity; authentication; access control; network and distributed systems security; security architectures; cyber defense; formal models for computer security; vulnerability and risk assessment; cyber crime analysis.

  • Prof. Dijiang Huang

    Network security; cloud computing security; secure ad hoc networking; trust management; authentication protocols; secure key agreement protocols; network attack analysis; attack-resilient network design; cryptography; key management.

  • Prof. Sandeep Gupta

    Cloud computing; cloud security; shape shifting cloud architectures; identity management; mobile ad hoc networks; wireless and sensor network security; protocols and middleware for pervasive mobile computing applications.

  • Prof. Yasin Silva

    Cloud computing; cloud security; data management; privacy assurance, similarity-aware query processing and optimization; web-scale database management.

  • Prof. Kuai Xu

    Cloud computing; network security; network behavior profiling; network measurement and analysis; data center networking; multi-homing and overlay networks; Internet routing.

  • Prof. Nong Ye

    Modeling, mining and analyzing massive data to understand dynamics of computer and network systems; data characteristics of attacks on computers and networks; intrusion detection algorithms; system design for information assurance.

  • Prof. Partha Dasgupta

    Identity assurance; network security; network hardening; resilient peer-to-peer services; computer security; operating systems; distributed and parallel systems.

  • Prof. Yanchao Zhang

    Network security; distributed system security; wireless networking security; mobile computing.

  • Prof. Bruce Millard

    Computer networks; operating systems and security; forensics for computer networks and operating systems; secure mobile communications.

  • Prof. Lalitha Sankar

    Information privacy and secrecy in distributed and cyber­physical systems, wireless communications, network information theory and applications to large data systems.

  • Prof. Lei Ying

    Stochastic networks; big data; cloud computing; cyber security; P2P networks; social networks; wireless networks.

  • Prof. Nancy Cooke

    Cyber team situational awareness; team cognition; team decision-making.

  • Prof. Raghu Santanam

    Cyber security; cyber crime; cyber forensics; information assurance; data mining; secure information systems; cyber infrastructure for homeland security; information supply chains.

  • Prof. Benjamin Shao

    Information systems security; distributed collaborative systems; software project management.

  • Prof. Srividya Bansal

    Service-oriented computing; software engineering; social network analysis; databases.

  • Prof. Kasim Candan

    Heterogeneous and distributed information and information sources; data security; database systems; distributed data management; adaptive information management; multimedia and web data management.

  • Prof. Guoliang Xue

    Security and survivability in sensor networks; computer network security; anonymity; reliability; QoS routing; resource allocation in wireless networks.

  • Prof. Yann-Hang Lee

    Fault tolerance in real-time embedded systems; distributed/parallel systems; fault-tolerant computing; resilient computing architectures.

  • Prof. Chitta Baral

    Artificial intelligence; knowledge representation and reasoning; logic/declarative programming, visualization of databases; informatics.

  • Prof. Wei-Tek Tsai

    Software testing; software engineering; embedded system development.

  • Prof. Rida Bazzi

    Distributed computing; secure routing; coordination in distributed systems; fault tolerance and reliability; quorum systems; distinct identities; cyber security.