Flexible Electronics and Systems

  • Prof. David Allee

    Backplane electronics for flexible displays; flexible electronics applications; ultra-small device fabrication; mixed signal circuit design for analog-to-digital conversion.

  • Prof. Hanqing Jiang

    Stretchable and flexible structures for electronics; mechanics of soft materials; composite and laminate materials; stress analysis of micro-electronic packages; microscale constitutive models of metallic materials.

  • Prof. Bryan Vogt

    Nanostructure-property-processing relationships of advanced materials; polymers; thin films; microelectronics; electronically active polymers; characterization of thin films and interfaces for electronic applications; flexible electronics.

  • Prof. Michael Kozicki

    Materials, processes and device structures for next generation IC systems; self-healing electrodes and interconnects; integrated solid-state nanoionics; low-energy non-volatile memory; nano-electromechanical systems (NEMS).

  • Prof. Jian Li

    Advanced materials for organic semiconductor devices; organic thin film transistors; organic light emitting devices; organic memory; charge-transport, energy transfer, radiative, and non-radiative decay of excited state molecules in organic solids.

  • Prof. Constantine Balanis

    Flexible antennas; smart/adaptive antennas; electromagnetic wave multipath propagation; computational electromagnetic methods for antennas, scattering, and high-intensity radiated fields (HIRF).

  • Prof. Lakshmi Munukutla

    Surface characterization of thin films; oxidation and planarization studies of SiGe epitaxial films; nondestructive thin film thickness measurements.

  • Prof. Nathan Newman

    Thin film materials synthesis and materials characterization; semiconductor, superconductor and dielectric materials; growth, characterization and modeling of novel solid-state materials for microwave, photonic, and high-speed applications.

  • Prof. Rodolfo Diaz

    Conformal antennas; electromagnetic properties of materials; interaction between electromagnetic waves and materials; combined computational mechanics and electromagnetics.

  • Prof. Cun-Zheng Ning

    Nanophotonics, nanowires, surface plasmons; nanolasers; nanomaterials-based detectors; nanostructure physics; modeling and simulation of optoelectronic devices; quantum optics, two-photon lasers; geometric phases; stochastic resonances.

  • Prof. Hongbin Yu

    Nanostructure and nano device fabrication and characterization; transport in nanostructures and molecules; quantum size effect in metallic and semiconducting nanostructures; surface and interface physics and chemistry.

  • Prof. Michael Goryll

    New materials in CMOS processing; surface and interface physics; fabrication of nanoscale semiconductor devices; silicon biosensors; biological signal transduction; low-noise analog amplifier circuit design.

  • Prof. Terry Alford

    Silver and copper metallization; low-k dielectrics for integrated circuits; advanced metallization for low-power electronics; novel IC component formation; adhesion of sol-gel hydroxyapatite-metal systems.

  • Prof. Jun Shen

    Semiconductor physics and devices; physics of organic LEDs; novel logic and memory devices and circuits.

  • Prof. Dragica Vasileska

    Semiconductor device physics; semiconductor transport; device modeling; quantum field theory application to real device structures; spin transport; heating effects in nano-scale devices.

  • Prof. Brian Skromme

    Compound semiconductor materials; wide bandgap materials for optoelectronic, high frequency, high power, and high temperature devices; optical characterization of semiconductor materials; GaN and SiC-based materials and devices.

  • Prof. Bahar Jalai-Farahani

    Low-power high-performance analog IC systems; reliability issues in deep submicron technology; IC design for extreme environments; calibration techniques for analog to digital converters; analog design of wireless communication systems.

  • Prof. Sarma Vrudhula

    CAD for VLSI circuits; logic synthesis and verification; low-power design, power and yield optimization; novel logic structures.

  • Prof. Rakesh Singh

    Synthesis and characterization of III-N semiconductors; high-Q dielectrics and 2-gap superconductors.

  • Prof. David Ferry

    Transport physics and modeling of quantum effects in submicron semiconductor devices; scanning gate microscopy of quantum properties of mesoscopic devices.

  • Prof. Marco Saraniti

    Computational electronics; cellular automaton techniques for 2-D and 3-D simulation of semiconductor devices; engineering of semiconductor devices.

  • Prof. Gennady Gildenblat

    Semiconductor device physics and modeling; semiconductor transport; novel semiconductor devices; advanced surface-potential-based SP and PSP compact MOSFET modeling; IC technology.

  • Prof. Stephen Goodnick

    Transport in semiconductor devices; computational electronics; quantum and nanostructured devices and device technology; high frequency and optical devices.

  • Prof. Karamvir Chatha

    Embedded and VLSI system-on-chip devices; system-level design methodologies and tools; multi-core network-on-chip device design; hardware-software co-design; performance evaluation tools; device design optimization techniques.

  • Prof. Lawrence Clark

    Circuits and architectures for low power and high performance VLSI; radiation hardened circuit design; CAD for VLSI; design and test engineering for chipsets.

  • Prof. Chaitali Chakrabarti

    VLSI architectures/algorithms for wireless communications and media processing; low-power embedded system design; low power algorithm design; algorithm-architecture co-design of signal processing systems.

  • Prof. Konstantinos Tsakalis

    Control, optimization, and system identification theory for semiconductor manufacturing; chemical process control.

  • Prof. Bert Vermeire

    Semiconductor processing, yield, and reliability.