• Prof. George Poste

    Immunosignatures; peptide array chips; immune response monitoring; infectious disease surveillance; synthetic biology.

  • Prof. Erica Forzani

    Chemical sensors; biosensors; biomarker detection; integrated wireless sensing systems; wearable wireless chemical sensors; metabolic analyzers.

  • Prof. Roy Curtiss

    Infectious diseases; vaccinology; bacterial genetics; genetically modified Salmonella vaccine strains as immunizing vectors to deliver protection against disease; antigen delivery vectors to induce mucosal, systemic and cellular immunity.

  • Prof. Neal Woodbury

    Immunosignaturing; peptide array technology; immune response monitoring; biochemistry; physical chemistry; laser spectroscopy. electrochemical nanofabrication.

  • Prof. Nongjian Tao

    Chemical and biological sensors; interfaces between biological molecules and solid materials; nanostructured materials and devices; molecular electronics;

  • Prof. Stephen Johnston

    Immunosignaturing; peptide array technology; immune response monitoring.

  • Prof. Jeffrey Langland

    Host response to viral infection; cellular and viral regulation in eukaryotic cells; inhibitory/regulatory proteins during viral infection.

  • Prof. Haufang Lai

    Production of monoclonal antibodies; high-level rapid production of human vaccine and therapeutic proteins.

  • Prof. Absar Alum

    Cultural and molecular detection of bacteria, viruses, parasites, algae and fungi; rapid pathogen detection methodologies; control of microbial pathogens; health-related environmental microbiology; environmental toxicology.

  • Prof. Matthew Scotch

    Bioinformatics, public health informatics, surveillance of zoonotic diseases, phylogeographjy of zoonotic RNA viruses, sequencing and analysis of the Influence A genome, data warehousing and on-line analytical processing.

  • Prof. Avi Cagan

    Biosensors and bioelectronics.

  • Prof. Hugo Destaillats

    Pathways of human exposure to toxic environmental contaminants; development of advanced remediation technologies for water and air cleaning; environmental chemistry; advanced oxidation technologies.

  • Prof. Peter Wiktor

    Biosensors and bioelectronics.

  • Prof. Jonathan Posner

    Chemi/bioanalytical devices; microscale and nanoscale transport and delivery systems; nanofluidic biosensors.

  • Prof. Tsafrir Mor

    Transgenic plants as a source for recombinant human acetylcholinesterase for protection from chemical and biological warfare agents.

  • Prof. Francis Tsow

    Biosensors and bioelectronics.

  • Prof. Antonio Garcia

    Biochemical detection; designing and characterizing surfaces and colloids for diagnostic devices and biomolecule separation; nanotechnology surface science; bioengineering; medical diagnostic devices.

  • Prof. Hugh Mason

    Development of viral vaccines from plants; vaccine and antibody generation in plants; novel ways to engage specific receptors to initiate immunological response.

  • Prof. Kaushal Rege

    Bio-agent detection via optically responsive nanoparticle polypeptide assemblies.

  • Prof. Shaopeng Wang

    Biosensors and bioelectronics.

  • Prof. Michael Goryll

    Biosensors based on silicon; electronics for biophysical measurements; biological signal transduction phenomena; electrophysiological properties of cell membrane ion channels.

  • Prof. Jennifer Blaine Christen

    Analog and mixed-mode VLSI for bio-medical/analytical instrumentation; MEMS devices with emphasis on bio-MEMS; microfluidics; bio-compatible integration for CMOS electronics; microfabrication including SOS/SOI.

  • Prof. Josephine Clark-Curtis

    Mycobacterium tuberculosis pathogenesis; Mycobacterium tuberculosis gene expression in the human host.

  • Prof. Vincent Pizziconi

    Development of bioresponsive materials; molecular and cellular recognition of selected agents and biomaterials.

  • Prof. Hodon Ryu

    Characterization of microbial pathogens in water; pathogen inactivation and removal; microbial risk assessment.

  • Prof. Cody Youngbull

    Environmental sensing, underwater sensing, deep ocean environmental sensing, bio-physico-chemical sensing and analyses, genomic analyses of underwater microbial communities, networked bio-physico-chemical sensor arrays.

  • Prof. Rose Krajmalnik-Brown

    Bioremediation of soil, sediments, and groundwater; biotransformation; molecular microbial ecology.

  • Prof. Paul Johnson

    Soil and groundwater remediation; bioremediation; permeable reactive barriers; thermal remediation; chemical oxidation; monitoring; exposure assessment.

  • Prof. Rolf Halden

    Water quality; bioremediation; biological treatment processes; environmental biotechnology; exposure assessment; environmental proteomics.

  • Prof. Peter Fox

    Biological treatment processes; natural treatment systems; water reuse; combined biological/adsorptive systems; water quality and water system management.

  • Prof. James Beckman

    Water reclamation; VOC removal in ground waters; CMP and evaporation pond reclamation; fractionation of multi-component systems; distillation; dewvaporation; desalination; concentration of waste streams.

  • Prof. Morteza Abbaszadegan

    Health-related water microbiology; microbial detection methodologies; pathogens inactivation and removal mechanisms; microbial induced effects in drinking water; water treatment processes; water distribution systems; endocrine disruptors.

  • Prof. Milton Sommerfeld

    Bioremediation of air and water; water quality; phycology; aquatic ecology.

  • Prof. Seth Wilk

    Biosensors; silicon microfabrication of biosensors; characterization of lipid bilayers and transmembrane proteins; surface chemistry.