Advanced RF, Sensing, and Signal Processing

  • Prof. Antonia Papandreou-Suppappola

    Waveform-agile sensing; multi-mode EO-RF sensing; multipath exploitation; MIMO radar; tracking targets in heavy clutter; advanced signal/information processing; time-frequency processing; signal processing for wireless communications.

  • Prof. Rodolfo Diaz

    Conformal antennas; radar absorbing materials and structures; interaction between electromagnetic waves and materials; electromagnetic properties of materials; combined computational mechanics and electromagnetics.

  • Prof. Constantine Balanis

    Smart/adaptive antennas for wireless communications; electromagnetic wave multipath propagation; computational electromagnetic methods for antennas, scattering, and high-intensity radiated fields (HIRF).

  • Prof. Dan Bliss

    MIMO radar; MIMO wireless communications; distributed cooperative communications; full-duplex relays; geolocation techniques; nonlocal Bayesian estimation bounds; channel phenomenology.

  • Prof. Manoochehr Shirzaei

    Multi-temporal interferometric SAR methods; interferometric SAR imaging (airborne, space-based, ground-based); radar mapping; satellite remote sensing; digital signal processing; inverse theory; time-dependent modeling.

  • Prof. George Pan

    Computational electromagnetics; high-speed electronics packaging; magnetic resonant imaging; RF coil design; inverse scattering; rough surface scattering; millimeter-wave antenna systems.

  • Prof. James Aberle

    Antennas and RF systems for wireless applications; wide-band phased array antennas; computer models for printed antennas; modeling of complex electromagnetic phenomena.

  • Prof. Doug Cochran

    Sensor signal processing; defense signal processing; applied harmonic analysis; detection theory.

  • Prof. Andreas Spanias

    Digital signal processing; adaptive filters; real-time processing of sensor data; multimedia signal processing; speech and audio coding.

  • Prof. Violet Syrotiuk

    Autonomous adaptation of protocols in networks; ad hoc and cognitive radio networks; mobile ad hoc wireless networks; monitoring and anomaly detection.

  • Prof. Cihan Tepedelenlioglu

    Wireless communications; estimation and equalization algorithms for wireless systems; filterbanks; multirate systems, OFDM carrier synchronization; power estimation; handoff algorithms; space-time coding; ultrawideband communications.

  • Prof. Cody Youngbull

    Multi-hop sensor arrays, sensor swarms, sensing webs, sensorbots, deep ocean sensors and communications, integrated autonomous sensor networks, underwater sensing, environmental sensing.

  • Prof. Hugh Barnaby

    Wireless (RF and optical) IC and data converter design; analog, RF, and mixed signal circuit design and testing; semiconductors for hostile environments; device physics and modeling; energy harvesting; sensor and device design and manufacturing.

  • Prof. Bertan Bakkaloglu

    Analog, mixed signal, and RF system-on-chip development for wireless and wireline communication transceivers; IC design; integrated power management; biomedical and chemical instrumentation ICs.

  • Prof. Raja Ayyanar

    Power electronics; DC-DC converters; voltage regulators; power management; power conversion and control for photovoltaic systems; smart grid technologies.

  • Prof. David Allee

    Ultra-small device fabrication; mixed-signal circuit design for analog-to-digital conversion and telemetry; flexible backplane electronics; low-voltage low-power mixed signal circuit design; ultra-high resolution lithography.

  • Prof. Sule Ozev

    Low-cost testing of analog and integrated RF wireless circuits; process variability analysis; path delay variability analysis; variability tolerant digital architectures.

  • Prof. Sayfe Kiaei

    Wireless transceiver design; RF and mixed signal IC systems; communication circuits.

  • Prof. Bahar Jalai-Farahani

    Analog design for wireless communication systems; low-power high-performance analog IC systems; reliability issues in deep submicron technology; IC design for extreme environments; calibration techniques for analog to digital converters.

  • Prof. Chaitali Chakrabarti

    VLSI architectures/algorithms for wireless communications and media processing; low-power embedded system design; low power algorithm design; algorithm-architecture co-design of signal processing systems.

  • Prof. Junshan Zhang

    Wireless networks; cross-layer optimization of wireless networks; ad-hoc/sensor networks; information theory; stochastic modeling and analysis.

  • Prof. Richard Akis

    Quantum transport in mesoscopic semiconductor devices; quantum chaos in open systems; connection between classical and quantum mechanics.

  • Prof. Terry Alford

    Silver and copper metallization; low-k dielectrics for integrated circuits; advanced metallization for low-power electronics; novel IC component formation; adhesion of sol-gel hydroxyapatite-metal systems.

  • Prof. Oliver Kosut

    Information theory; sampling; nonlinear network coding; distributed source coding; security; sparse recovery.

  • Prof. Joseph Hui

    Wireless networks; gigabit wireless communications; asynchronous switching and routing; coding and information theory; space-time communications.

  • Prof. Tolga Duman

    Wireless and mobile communications; coding for wireless communications; channel coding; turbo codes; turbo-coded modulation systems; sensor and ad-hoc networks