Advanced Materials and Material Processing

  • Prof. James Adams

    Development of computational models of materials; properties of materials; applications of computational material modeling.

  • Prof. Kiran Solanki

    Multi-scale modeling of metals; atomistic simulations; nano-, micro-, and macro-scale phenomena; constitutive modeling of metallic alloys; plasticity and damage behavior; crystal plasticity; fatigue and fracture; uncertainty analysis.

  • Prof. Jay Oswald

    Multi-scale modeling of materials; dislocation modeling; material interfaces; material failure processes; shock propagation in polymers; fracture; dislocation-induced plasticity.

  • Prof. Hanqing Jiang

    Constitutive multi-scale modeling and simulation; microscale constitutive models of metallic materials mechanics of soft materials, composite and laminate materials; carbon nanotubes and graphene; nanomechanics and nanocomposites.

  • Prof. Subramaniam Rajan

    Computational mechanics; constitutive material modeling; composites; impact mechanics; finite element analysis; high-performance and parallel computations.

  • Prof. Amanesh Tasooji

    Constitutive modeling and physics-based materials modeling; material deformation, life prediction, and reliability modeling methodologies (creep, fatigue, creep-fatigue-interaction, stress-corrosion-cracking).

  • Prof. Stephen Krause

    Materials engineering; polymer science; materials characterization; and engineering design.

  • Prof. Mary Laura Lind

    Advanced materials synthesis and characterization; environmental nanotechnology; membrane technology; synthesis and characterization of bulk metallic glasses.

  • Prof. Pedro Peralta

    Mechanical properties of materials; deformation and fracture of metals and ceramics under cyclic and shock loading; fatigue and extreme loading in metals.

  • Prof. Henry Sodano

    Multifunctional materials; nanocomposites; ferroelectrics; responsive materials; smart materials; adaptive structures; energy harvesting materials.

  • Prof. Terry Alford

    X-ray and electron diffraction; physical materials science, structure and properties of materials; advanced materials issues in semiconductor processing; materials processing and synthesis.

  • Prof. Ray Carpenter

    Metallurgy; phase transformation; interfaces in solids; nanostructure; electronic materials; high-resolution analytical electron microscopy.

  • Prof. Aditi Chattopadhyay

    Smart materials and adaptive structures; structural health monitoring and damage prognosis; mechanics of composites; multi-scale analysis; multidisciplinary design optimization.

  • Prof. Nikhilesh Chawla

    Mechanical behavior and modeling of advanced materials at bulk and small length scales, including Pb-free solders, metal matrix composites, biocompatible coatings, metal-ceramic nanolaminates, and powder metallurgy alloys.

  • Prof. Peter Crozier

    Synthesis, characterization and evolution of nanomaterials and nanostructures; nanocharacterization of semiconductor quantum dots and wires; electron beam assisted synthesis of materials; advanced transmission electron microscopy.

  • Prof. Lenore Dai

    Surface, interfacial, and colloidal science; nanorheology and microrheology; materials at the nanoscale; synthesis of novel polymer composites and “smart” materials.

  • Prof. Sandwip Dey

    Chemical processing science of electroceramics and contact metals; metal oxide chemical vapor deposition.

  • Prof. Rodolfo Diaz

    Engineered materials; measurement of electromagnetic properties of materials; interaction between electromagnetic waves and materials; combined computational mechanics and electromagnetics; radar absorbing materials and structures.

  • Prof. Cody Friesen

    Surface material science.

  • Prof. Ravi Gorur

    Materials for advanced insulators, dielectrics and electrical insulating materials; nanodielectrics; high voltage material testing techniques; computer aided design.

  • Prof. Kamil Kaloush

    Pavement materials design; characterization; thermal properties; advanced testing; field performance evaluation; statistical analyses; modeling; computer applications.

  • Prof. Jian Li

    Design and synthesis of advanced materials for organic semiconductor devices; structural, electrical, and optical properties; organic light emitting devices; organic photovoltaics; organic memory and organic thin film transistors.

  • Prof. Barzin Mobasher

    Mechanics of composite materials; new material development and processes for manufacture, analysis, and design; transport properties of solids; fracture mechanics of composites; composites for power delivery systems.

  • Prof. Narayanan Neithalath

    Material properties of cement, concrete, and composites; experimental techniques for materials characterization.

  • Prof. Nathan Newman

    Thin film materials synthesis and materials characterization; semiconductor, superconductor and dielectric materials; growth, characterization and modeling of novel solid-state materials for microwave, photonic, and high-speed applications.

  • Prof. Vincent Pizziconi

    Bioresponsive and biomimetic materials; nanoscale structure and properties of soft biological materials; biopolymers; bioactive ceramic thin film coatings; bioresponsive coatings.

  • Prof. Greg Raupp

    Chemical reactions at surfaces, with emphasis on gas-solid interfaces; photocatalytic reactions; biocompatible smart coatings.

  • Prof. Ronald Roedel

    Semiconductor materials and devices; silicon and compound semiconductor materials; modeling devices made from large bandgap materials.

  • Prof. Della Roy

    Inorganic and ceramic materials synthesis, processing, and characterization; phase equilibria; chemically bonded ceramics; biomaterials synthesis; nano- and micro-structural design; durability of materials.

  • Prof. Karl Sieradzki

    Nanoporous materials; electrochemistry and electrochemical energy devices; alloy corrosion; thermodynamics of surfaces and thin film processes; mechanics and physics of solids.

  • Prof. Brian Skromme

    Compound semiconductor materials; wide bandgap materials for optoelectronic, high frequency, high power, and high temperature devices; optical characterization of semiconductor materials; GaN and SiC-based materials and devices.

  • Prof. Nongjian Tao

    Nanostructured materials and devices; electrochemical nanofabrications; interfaces between biological molecules and solid materials.

  • Prof. Trevor Thornton

    Micro- and nano-scale fabrication.

  • Prof. Ampere Tseng

    Manufacturing; micro- and nano-fabrication.

  • Prof. Mark van Schilfgaarde

    Electronic and magnetic materials; first-principles electronic structure methods to materials problems; self-consistent GW approximation.

  • Prof. Bryan Vogt

    Nanostructure-property-processing relationships of advanced materials; polymers; thin films; microelectronics; electronically active polymers; characterization of thin films and interfaces for electronic applications; flexible electronics.

  • Prof. Jieping Ye

    Informatics; data mining; machine learning.

  • Prof. Hongbin Yu

    Quantum size effect in metallic and semiconducting nanostructures; surface and interface physics and chemistry; nanostructure and nano-device fabrication and characterization; transport in nanostructures.

  • Prof. Yong-Hang Zhang

    Optoelectronic materials; molecular beam epitaxy; high efficiency solar cells and other optoelectronic materials, devices and their applications.

  • Prof. Yi Chen

    Database management for scientific data; data storage; indexing; query processing; data model and query language design; data integration and optimization.