Autonomous Systems and Processes

  • Prof. Chitta Baral

    Cognitive robotics; artificial intelligence; knowledge representation and reasoning; autonomous agent design, planning and diagnosis; logic/declarative programming; visualization of databases; bioinformatics; multimedia.

  • Prof. Joohyung Lee

    Artificial intelligence; autonomous knowledge representation and reasoning; nonmonotonic reasoning; answer set programming; logic programming; commonsense reasoning in autonomous systems.

  • Prof. Georgios Fainekos

    Applications involving robotic and autonomous systems; synthesis and analysis of cyber-physical systems; hybrid embedded real-time systems; formal methods and logic; control theory for cyber-physical systems.

  • Prof. Huan Liu

    Autonomous machine learning; active learning; rule extraction; feature selection; subspace clustering; data mining; streaming data reduction; algorithm scaling; recommender systems.

  • Prof. Armando Rodriguez

    Autonomous control in uncertain environments; reconfigurable fault-tolerant control; integrated real-time system health monitoring; control of nonlinear distributed parameter systems; multi-rate control; embedded systems.

  • Prof. Srikanth Saripalli

    Unmanned systems; unmanned aerial vehicles; robotic perception, planning and control; control algorithm design and implementation; field tests of aerial robots.

  • Prof. Cody Youngbull

    Multi-hop sensor arrays, sensor swarms, sensing webs, sensorbots, deep ocean sensors and communications, integrated autonomous network systems, underwater sensing, environmental sensing.

  • Prof. Subbarao¬†Kambhampati

    Artificial intelligence; automated planning and scheduling; speedup learning; data and information integration; query planning.

  • Prof. Pitu Mirchandani

    Models and algorithms for real-time adaptive systems; adaptive autonomous control of stochastic systems; algorithms for optimum routing, scheduling, location, logistics.

  • Prof. Wei-Tek Tsai

    Software testing; software engineering; embedded system development.

  • Prof. Spring Berman

    Modeling, analysis, control, and optimization of robotic swarms; analysis of collective behaviors in distributed systems.

  • Prof. Oliver Kosut

    Information theory; security in distributed control systems; graphical models; sampling; sparse recovery; smart grids.

  • Prof. Lalitha Sankar

    Information privacy and secrecy in distributed and cyber­physical systems, wireless communications, network information theory and applications to large data systems.

  • Prof. Jing Li

    Modeling and analyses of massive high-dimensional datasets in complex systems; data mining; causal modeling and inference for process and system control.

  • Prof. Lina Karam

    Image and video processing, compression, and transmission; human visual perception; multidimensional signal processing; digital filtering; error-resilient source coding.

  • Prof. Anshuman Razdan

    Image and data exploitation and analysis; 3D feature extractation, segmentation, and pattern recognition; facial biometrics; data reduction techniques.

  • Prof. Sangram Redkar

    Inertial navigation and GPS; nonlinear dynamics and control.

  • Prof. Thomas Sugar

    Mobile robot navigation; perceptual principles in navigation and locomotion.

  • Prof. Jieping Ye

    Machine learning.

  • Prof. Nancy Cooke

    Cognitive engineering; command-and-control in unmanned aerial vehicles; knowledge elicitation; team situation awareness; emergency response systems.

  • Prof. Hasan Davulcu

    Creating structured knowledge from unstructured data; information extraction; data mining; data cleaning; web and text mining; semantic web services.