Mesa Site: AZ Labs

SDSI's off-campus, higher-TRL, classified-capable component (ASURE) has access to a large and exceptionally capable facility for highly specialized projects at AZ Labs in Mesa.

AZ Labs is a secure 6.2 acre facility, located in Mesa, Arizona, adjacent to ASU’s Polytechnic campus and the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. This facility has a total of more than 78,000 square feet of lab and office space. A key aspect of the facility is an 18,000 square foot lab space within a copper shielded area that is capable of handling classified research at a variety of levels of access. Additional space within the facility offers high technology, specialized research space, and radio interference shielding systems for particular and very specialized uses.  The gated facility contains a multi-level security system with limited access through controlled entrances.

AZLabs is the only such secured facility in Arizona and one of a small number of similarly capable sites in the United States.  This enables SDSI/ASURE to engage in security and defense related research that requires facilities of this highly specialized type.