Basic Research

ASU’s “Security & Defense Systems Initiative” (SDSI) includes a traditional on-campus component focused on basic research and early-stage applied research in security and defense relevant areas, conducted principally by faculty working with students and postdoctoral researchers.

These basic research efforts are largely concentrated on various aspects of the following research thrust areas, in which ASU has the needed depth of subject matter expertise to be a research performer-of-choice at the national level:

  1. Resilient cyber systems
  2. Advanced RF, sensors, and signal processing
  3. Human performance augmentation and training
  4. Autonomous systems and processes
  5. Flexible electronics and systems
  6. Advanced materials and material processing
  7. Biosecurity

Our basic research efforts are directed at conceiving and developing fundamental new ideas, approaches, and methods for addressing some of the most difficult aspects of the security and defense challenges that our society faces. SDSI’s organizational structure allows these to be addressed by inherently transdisciplinary research teams that combine deep subject matter expertise with innovative thinking across subject matter domains to discover entirely new and potentially promising solution approaches.

These basic research advances and the subject matter experts involved in them also add to the strength of our higher-TRL applied research and advanced technology development teams. By appropriately integrating these on-campus basic research strengths with the professional research staff in our off-campus ASU Research Enterprise (ASURE), we have formed a unique integrated research capability that makes it possible for SDSI to contribute to research and development efforts ranging from TRL0 to TRL7+ and to address programs ranging from unclassified to any needed level of classification.