Basic Research

Our basic research efforts are conducted by faculty working with students and postdocs to conceive and develop fundamentally new ideas, approaches, and methods for addressing some of the most difficult aspects of the security and defense challenges that society faces.

Advanced & Applied Research

Our applied research and advanced technology development efforts are led by an off-campus professional research staff in ASURE who have the strong defense-relevant operational cognizance combined with the needed technical subject matter depth for these types of projects.

Specialized Research Programs

Our off-campus professional research staff in ASURE have the needed skill sets, operational cognizance, and security clearances to work across a wide range of special programs in the security and defense area that reach beyond what most universities are able to engage in.

Together the combined capabilities in the on- and off-campus components of ASU’s “Security & Defense Systems Initiative” (SDSI) allow us to bring the intellectual capacity of the largest single university in the U.S. to bear on research and development efforts spanning across technology readiness levels from TRL0-7+ and in programs ranging from unclassified efforts to any needed classification level.