Restricted Programs

ASURE’s off-campus professional research staff has the needed technical skills, operational cognizance, specialized facilities, and security clearances to work across a wide range of restricted programs in the security and defense area that reach beyond what most universities are able to engage in.

ASURE is the off-campus component of ASU’s “Security & Defense Systems Initiative” (SDSI). Its classified research capabilities, together with its higher-TRL applied research and advanced technology development mission, provides an application-oriented environment in which government and industry can more easily access the breadth of technical expertise in the largest single university in the U.S.

ASURE makes use of several facilities configured for restricted research at various levels, including an exceptionally large and capable specialized facility that enables work up to the highest levels, together with a professional staff that has the needed clearances to work on restricted-access programs in the security and defense area.

This organizational structure of ASU’s “Security & Defense Systems Initiative”, with its on-campus and off-campus components, provides an environment that enables ASU to become far more broadly and deeply engaged in developing solutions to key real-world security and defense challenges, while preserving and enhancing the unrestricted basic research and educational missions of the university.

It also creates an environment that allows government and industry to more readily engage and collaborate with university-affiliated researchers in a higher-TRL and application-relevant setting than is possible at most other universities.  These attributes allow ASU’s “Security & Defense Systems Initiative” to overcome many of the limitations of traditional academic research environments. They enable us to serve as a capable and reliable research and development partner even as the science and technology solutions we are involved in advance through technology readiness levels and security levels beyond those that universities normally can engage in.

ASURE is a key component that allows this unique university-wide initiative to address transdisciplinary research and development efforts spanning across technology readiness levels from TRL0-7+ and in programs ranging from unrestricted efforts to any needed classification level.