Innovative IP Policies

We make it easy for industry to work with us by offering an innovative set of intellectual property management practices to address IP associated with these collaborations, including options that allow full retention of associated IP by our industry partners.

ASU’s “Security & Defense Systems Initiative” actively seeks to partner with large and small companies and with government entities to form collaborative teams that can address problems which none of these alone can tackle.  We also recognize that traditional university intellectual property management policies can be one of the greatest inhibitors to achieving effective university-industry partnering.

For this reason, ASU has developed a set of innovative IP management options that address many of the traditional limitations of university research and development partnerships with industry.  We are able to engage in creative, nontraditional contractual mechanisms in our interactions with industry, including options for full retention of associated IP by our industry partners, that allow us to overcome many of the traditional obstacles to effective industry-university partnerships.

These innovative IP management policies create an environment that enables our industry and government partners to far more easily access the breadth of technical expertise found in the largest single university in the U.S., and to engage and collaborate with university researchers in application-relevant research and development programs than is possible at most other universities.

Arizona Technology Enterprises (AzTE) is the exclusive intellectual property management and technology transfer organization for Arizona State University.  AzTE works with researchers, investors and our industry partners to speed the flow of innovation from our research laboratories into practical use in the marketplace.