ASU's Security & Defense Systems Initiative makes use of major facilities that involve researchers and staff across all of ASU, and off-campus facilities that can enable specialized research programs.

Tempe Site: ISTB4: Our headquarters operation is located on the 4th floor of ASU’s newest and largest Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building (ISTB-4). Some of our key researchers along with their graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and laboratories are also located in this prime space. Most of our research capability is located in offices and laboratories around ASU’s campuses, making use of exceptional facilities that support our research programs.

Scottsdale Site: Skysong: Additionally, our off-campus component (ASURE) is located in ASU’s Skysong facility. This provides an environment that is ideally suited for ASURE’s professional research and program management staff, while maintaining close proximity to most of our on-campus research capabilities.

Mesa Site: AZ Labs: ASURE also has access to some exceptional specialized facilities at the recently vacated Air Force Research Laboratory’s Mesa Research Site, including an exceptionally large and capable highly-secure facility with bandwidth capabilities that enable certain types of unique research efforts.

Washington D.C. Site: We also maintain an office in Washington, D.C. just north of Dupont Circle that facilitates our engagement in national conversations about key security and defense related matters.  As part of the ASU Washington Center, this serves as a resource and venue for high-level exchanges with national policy makers, governmental and public agencies, private-sector organizations, and non-government entities.  Our Washington location is an important part of our efforts to ensure that SDSI can address the most important security and defense challenges facing society today and in the coming decades.

Other Facilities: These and many other facilities enable ASU’s “Security & Defense Systems Initiative” (SDSI) to take on research and development efforts that few other universities can. These span across our research thrust areas and allow us to work seamlessly from TRL0 to TRL7+, and from unclassified basic research to applied research and advanced technology development efforts at any needed security level.