Law and Policy Component

This part of ASU's "Security & Defense Systems Initiative" (SDSI) supports development of laws and policies enabling greater protections of national and global security while ensuring the privacy, freedoms, and way of life that define our society.

SDSI is organized around three main components

We recognize that in many cases the technologies available to address security and defense challenges exceed the legal and policy layers needed to make effective use of them. SDSI seeks to contribute to an informed, reasoned, and mature understanding of key issues at the intersection of science and technology with law and policy, and thereby contributes to the development of appropriate legal and policy enablements that address the security and defense challenges we face.

Key research groups across ASU related to the law and policy component of the “Security & Defense Systems Initiative” include:

Center for Law, Science, and Innovation
The first and largest academic center focused on the intersection of law and science. It bridges law and science by fostering the development of legal frameworks for new technologies and advancing the informed use of science in legal decision making.

Center for Law and Global Affairs
Conducts research into transnational governance beyond traditional international law. It addresses innovative and interdisciplinary understandings of international law and policy, including the responsibilities of non-state entities in the global arena.

Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes
Addresses the role of science and technology in society’s pursuit of equality, justice, freedom, and quality of life. It fosters policies that help decision makers account for the importance of science and technology as society charts a course for the future.

McCain Institute for International Leadership
Based in Washington, D.C., the McCain Institute for International Leadership is part of Arizona State University and serves as a center for research and action in national security and foreign policy. It promotes leadership and decision-making through open inquiry, spirited discussion and practical action. The Institute aims to inform, convene, train and assist current and future leaders from the U.S. and abroad through policy research, events, fellows programs, and other activities.

North American Center for Transborder Studies
Provides policy recommendations for advancing best practices in the border regions and throughout North America. It collaborates with stakeholders and transborder organizations to improve North American cooperation and prosperity.

Center for Emerging Technologies, Military Operations, and National Security
Addresses ethical issues associated with emerging technologies and their use in military operations and broader national security implications. It supports creation of a secure, ethical, and rational future for national and global society.

Future Tense
Strategic partnership between ASU and the New America Foundation, with the help of media partner Slate magazine, to explore emerging technologies and their transformative effects on society and public policy.